"He who feels he leads but has no followers is only taking a walk."

Hi, I'm Rick. Thanks for visiting my website!
In addition to being a son, brother, husband and father, I am Real Estate Agent, Professional Coach, Real Estate Trainer, Motivational Speaker, Team Leader...Advocate, Mentor, and All-Around Helper...
I have based my career and LIFE on helping people with their personal and professional goals. I get great satisfaction from turning the most important lessons I've learned into inspiration and education for others, so they can skip some of the "hard parts!" 
I hope what you read and see here will encourage you to contact me, so I can get to know and help you, as well!

About Me

I've been a real estate agent for almost 40 years. What can I say - I'm hooked! I LOVE to improve people's lives, and I can't find a more significant way - that I'm qualified for! - to do that. There are few things that impact a family's life and financial well-being as much as their handling of real estate matters. It's TOO IMPORTANT to rely on a discounted online brokerage to work for you in this area - because they are NOT interested in your happiness! I've helped thousands of families make great real estate and financial decisions. I am the expert you can trust to take care of you and your best interests...ALWAYS.

I have built a team of senior-level executives and incredible transactional and operational support to make the experience as worry- and risk-free as possible for my real estate clients. I also love to train, mentor, and lead people who are humble, smart, motivated, and coachable to achieve success and become leaders in the real estate industry.


I am driven and passionate about helping people BE and DO their very best.​ Please visit the other pages of my site to learn more about me, and I hope I can be of service to YOU in the near future. Thank you!!