My wife and I have been diagnosed with coronavirus, and I did a Facebook LIVE about it. I invite you to watch it HERE. Inman News, the leading real estate news source for real estate professionals, was kind enough to notice and share it on their website. The Mercury News visited my wife and me, and featured us in an article about people who've recovered. We appreciate all the support and are sending best wishes for everyone - especially those still suffering with COVID-19 - during this time!

Real Estate in the Time of COVID-19

During my 40 years in real estate, I've been honored to work with clients all over the country. There have been many times when I represented sellers and buyers that were hundreds or even thousands of miles away from my "home turf" of the San Francisco Bay Area!

This used to mean a lot of time on the phone, using snail mail, FedEx and fax machines...which was time-consuming and sometimes frustrating.

But today, thanks to modern communication and information technology, just about every aspect of a real estate sale - from the shopping to the closing - can be done quickly and "virtually" - without in-person meetings!

There's a lot of uncertainty now, during the COVID-19 pandemic, but there are still many financial and lifestyle reasons to buy or sell a home NOW.

Practicing social distancing and sheltering-in-place at home does NOT mean you have to put your real estate plans on hold!

The graphic to the right spells out the steps in our "Virtual Home Buying Program" that is readily available to you, any time. My team can make your real estate dreams come true, under the best of circumstances as well as during times of doubt and turmoil.


Please give me a call to discuss your specific concerns, situation, and needs! In 40 years, I've helped clients through almost every economic and market scenario that exists...we can get through this one together, as well.


Rick Geha


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