Shhh...don't tell Rick!

Hi! It's Jen. You're probably here because you got the email inviting you to participate in our Anniversary tribute to Rick.
Please send videos, pictures of Rick, interpretive dances - whatever you want! - and I'll integrate them into a video that we'll present to him during a special Happy Anniversary Zoom on May 15th!
Some ideas, and special requests for video effects I'm planning:
  • Mention when you met Rick, like: "I met Rick ___ ago"
  • Recite a list of words that you would use to describe Rick (e.g. "Thoughtful. Generous. Great dresser.")
  • Recite a list of words that remind you of Rick (e.g. "Diet Pepsi and iced tea. Stevia packets.")
  • Fill in the blank, addressing Rick as "you":
    • "You taught me about __"
    • "I'll always appreciate how you __"
    • "I'll never forget how you __"
    • Speaking of the future: "I wish you ___"
  • Imitate Rick saying something distinctive
  • Say "Thank you, Rick!"
  • Blow a kiss (if you want, LOL!)
Be creative - do whatever you feel like! I'll include as much as I can in the tribute video.
Please email your content to me:
Or text to me (easiest way to send phone vids!):
(310) 893-4050
or upload files using the button to the right. (Send a message on this page to let us know it's coming!)
Reach out to me or Geena with questions / ideas, any time. Thank you!
Geena Solverson​, Rick's Main Sidekick
(510) 999-1160​

Thanks for reaching out! Looking forward to talking with you.